Do you like the Nittany Lion Uniform changes

Nittany Lion Uniform

Nittany Lion Uniform

Could Penn State see a 2nd change in the traditional blue along with white uniforms under Costs O’Brien? According to Lions’ Pride, a the downtown area State College apparel outlet, Nike’s latest Penn State replica online game jersey features a few modifications from the 2012-13 edition.

While many enthusiasts are still getting accustom to the picture of a name across the rear of each jersey, a more outlined collar and a Penn State logo at the point of the dog collar can be seen on Nike’s latest look-alike uniform. The Nike swoosh is also positioned in a slightly different location compared to previous years.

O’Brien has averted giving a specific answer regarding any possible uniform alterations, using the same well crafted result throughout his coaches’ caravan tour.

Every yr it will be different,O’Brien said, remarking around the team’s decision to add labels to the jersey in 2012.I believe you’ll have to wait until the Syracuse game to see what the names are generally or what they’re not.

General the changes are minimal nevertheless the third change since August 2005. In total Penn State has made close to 20 alterations to the consistent since the early 1900’s. Take a look at your photo above and contact us what you think in the poll down below

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